Thursday, September 04, 2008

Wondering about this election

So, I watched Sara Palin last night. Watched Barak the other night. I've seen McCain. I'm familiar with Biden.

Here's my take. I think Barak, more than McCain, is going to have to go to battle on two fronts. One, he's going to have go head to head with McCain. Plus, he's going to have to wage a generational battle with someone who can match his charisma. That's Palin. It's going to be interesting to watch. Really interesting.

As someone who loves listening to really good speakers I'm delighted to have both Obama and Palin around. Both have mastered the teleprompter. They know how to interact with an audience beyond just saying the words. There's a chemistry. They know how to 'speechify'. I just pray that none of them (all four) allow their handlers to suck the essence of who they are away from public view. What's so attractive about this election is that there are some great stories, interesting personalities, and some deep philosophical/political divides. God help us if we sanitize the personality out of this election.

If you're reading this and you are person of faith please make this election a matter of prayer. Pray especially that all the candidates continue to speak their mind and their truth. Pray that the questions on your heart will be answered. Pray for the safety of these candidates. Pray that the electioneering high road will be taken and that citizens will thoughtfully discuss the issues before they vote. Pray that you'll be open to being surprised and willing to have your mind changed.

Let's see what God does.

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