Sunday, September 21, 2008

Road to Recovery

25 people. 25 broken dreams.

It was 'Divorce Recovery' weekend. The people who attend are Christian and not. Some have been married for five years, some for over 40. Most feel they've been dealt a bad hand. There's spiritual damage, emotional distress, relational wreckage, practical roadblocks ...all need to be dealt with in order to heal up.

The people who attend are brave. They've made a decision to 'put their life into motion', to get well.

In order to achieve wellness they will all have to be honest with themselves, admit to their own failures in the marriage, forge a new identity, get right with God, and deal with that hard, hard issue of forgiveness. Can they ask God for forgiveness? Can they forgive themselves? Can they ever forgive their 'ex'?

This is not easy stuff.

I got to be there, with my team, to watch the hurting take their first step towards the rest of their life.


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