Thursday, September 25, 2008

Underneath the Economy

I've been noodling a bit more about this economic situation.

There are some issues we need to raise in our churches, neighborhoods and all circles of influence.

We need to raise questions about greed.
We need to raise questions about dealing with fear.
We need to raise questions about entitlement.

Greed fuels the economy. Fear creates adverse market responses. When we feel 'entitled' we get fearful that we're not going to get what greed can get us.

It gets ugly real fast.

Greed, fear, entitlement are spiritual issues. We might be able to rescue the economy in the short term but as long as we're dealing with core spiritual issues we will have long term problems.

I work with a lot of Christians.

They feel entitled.
They're greedy.
They react fearfully.

I know because I'm one of them.

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