Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So much anger ...

So, I talked to this guy about Obama. He almost flipped out.

And then, I talked to this woman about Palin. I thought she was going to throw up.

So, I started reading some blogs. Everyone was throwing up and flipping out.

Turned on talk radio. Lots of ranting, not much listening.

Where's all this anger coming from? Why can't we talk about things?

Last night I had dinner with two friends. We talked about politics. No ranting. No raving. Nice discussion. The three of us weren't in lock-step agreement. I learned some things. Maybe they did too. It was a good exchange with lots of civility.

That's what we've lost ...civility.

I dont' think Obama is the anti-christ.
I don't think Palin is the scourge of womanhood.

When we lose civility we buy into rants and raving. Blood pressure goes up. We lose the ability to have civil discourse. Anger fuels more anger. It's killing us as a culture. We're the worst for it.

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