Saturday, September 13, 2008


Saw a speaker Craig Groeschel at Willow Creek Summit. He talked about the 'it' factor. Probably pretty close to the 'wow' factor ...same continuum anyway.

What is 'it'?

We've all experienced 'it'. You walk into a church and walk out knowing they've got 'it'.

You meet someone and are totally engaged in what that person has to say. He/She has got 'it'.

Some people say Barak Obama has 'it'.
People who've met Bill Clinton (even his enemies) proclaim that he has 'it'.
Sara Palin looks like she's got 'it'.
Oprah might have 'it' and if she doesn't she'll buy 'it'.
Bono has 'it'.
Wrigley Field does.
So do the Cubs.
Not the Sox (sorry)
Joe Biden? Nope
Mother Theresa had it.
So does Mandela.
Not Prince Charles.
Some people walk around as if they have 'it' but if they have to show 'it' off they probably don't have 'it'.

So, what is 'it'.

It's a spark.
It's a charism.
It's intuitive.
It's disarming.
It's a God thing.
It's obedience.
It's grace under pressure.
It's looking beyond limitations to opportunities.
It breeds optimism.
It cultivates effectiveness.

So if you have 'it' could you lose 'it'?

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