Monday, September 22, 2008

At the moment of choice

So, how do we get well, chart a new direction in life, develop new habits ...?

How? Try this. At the next moment of choice decide to act with all the integrity you can muster. Do the right thing in the best way you know how. Do that moment after moment, decision after decision.

The world is changed by good people doing good things at the moment of choice. It's an over and over again process.

Most of us aren't superheroes nor superachievers. We're ordinary people who live fairly ordinary lives. In the midst of the 'ordinary' of life, however, we influence dozens of people daily. We buy groceries, we go to doctor appointments, we do our work, go to the health club, attend a class, go to a bible study. These are all places where we can choose to be God's people caring about others who God loves like crazy. We can make that proverbial difference in someone else's life. It's one decision at a time. Doing the right thing in the best way we know how.

It's not about seeking advantage.
It's not about positioning ourselves the right way.
It's not about spin.

We've seen where that gets us in today's world.

Nope. It's about doing the next right thing, with the right attitude, in the best way we know how.

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