Sunday, September 07, 2008

Baggin' Faith

Whether it's on Facebook, 1 on 1, or through conversations with a friend who saw so and so awhile back I'm beginning to realize that a lot of people I know are baggin' faith.

For some reason, the faith they grew up with, the Jesus they met in adolescence, the 'yes' that was once deep in their heart appears to be more shadow than substance.

I wonder why?

Maybe some are walking away from religion, finding it stifling and close-minded.
College probably did major damage to some.
Some are taking their faith to a different place ...practicing spirituality, experimenting with other forms.
Others are trying to reconcile long held beliefs with newly found political ideals.
Some, perhaps, have found new language.

It's all these things.

And yet I'm bothered.

You see, I still think Jesus transforms lives. Apart from Him, we're less, not more.

I understand what religion does and doesn't do. I can appreciate having to 'try out' stuff throughout life. I can appreciate the tug of idealism on our faith.

But I'm bothered. Wondering what God is nudging me to do as I encounter the 'wanderers'. Wondering how best to start the conversation, to show love, to engage people in this 'faith' discussion.

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Karin said...

As a 40 something believer my entire life, I have gone through a bit of "baggin' faith". Not that I have ever stopped believing in God, or that he created this world or us. But more of a re-defining of my faith. I have struggled with God loving me, that he cares about me, and combine that with marriage struggles, and church struggles, I kinda shut down for a decade or so. I have been working on this for the last 3 years, and it is improving, but it is difficult to erase messages that have been ingrained into your brain.

Enjoy your blog, makes me think