Friday, September 05, 2008

So, what questions should we be asking during the election?

Most people ask very obvious questions during an election year. Those questions center around a common theme: "Who's going to make my life better?" "Who's going to care about my stuff?"

It's a 'me' world.

I have a problem. It has to do with reading Scripture. The more I read the harder it gets to focus on me. Scripture tells us that it's all about the Lord and the things he cares about. And even though he cares about me (a lot by the way-he's very fond of yours truly)the Lord wants me to look around and maybe ask some less self-centered questions. Like these.

Who's crying themselves to sleep at night?
What about justice?
Why do I have so much, others so little?
Do I need to make a lifestyle adjustment?
Why the racial divide?
What can we do about educational inequity?

Maybe if I ask these kind of questions ...I can hone in a little better on the kind of questions I want the candidates to answer. Reading through the Scriptures's hard to ignore where God's heart is ...and it's not about making me richer and giving me a cushier lifestyle.

So, I want to ask the Lord for the grace to evaluate candidates not based on what they can do for me but rather is there any indication that their hearts breaks over the things that break the heart of God.

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