Saturday, October 11, 2008

The World of Stupid

We live in a world of 'stupid'. Not far from where I live a mosque had some graffitti scribbled on it. A Muslim woman at a local college was assualted. Those are 'stupid' things.

I went over to the mosque today. Talked to a couple of guys who were sitting outside. We talked about had happened. I told them that I wished things like this wouldn't happen. They agreed. I asked God to bless them. They asked God to bless me.

At least in my life, for a brief moment, 'stupid' didn't win.

On Thursday I wrote to a drive by e-mailer saying that what he was sharing was 'wrong'. I haven't gotten a response back yet. But I feel I stepped out of 'stupid' and into conviction.

That happened to John McCain this week.

Hats off to him. When the pitbulls started to circle he reached deep and pulled 'conviction' out of his political bag of tricks. He said that Barak Obama is a 'decent man, a family man'. It sounded like more than a few of his 'peeps' didn't want to hear what he had to say.

Too bad. Disheartening. The close minded always want to live in the world of 'stupid'. It's that world where someone can't rethink a position, be kind even when hurt, or let go of a grudge for the common good.

For the record, I think Obama is a decent man, a family man. So is John McCain. I love it when both of them act 'decent', running away from stupid.

When we all start doing that maybe the drive-by e-mailers, the hate-mongers, the designated pit-bulls (with or without lipstick) will be driven back to the shadows where they belong. And maybe, just maybe 'stupid' will be shown for what it really is.

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