Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I have the privilege to help lead a singles group called Higher Ground. We're using a Chip Ingram book called Good to Great in God's Eyes as a broad outline for a series of discussions about how to live life. Last night we talked about Dreaming Great Dreams.

My dreams fall into three categories.

1. Shattered Dreams. You know what I'm talking about. A failed marriage. A business that goes belly-up. The loss of a son/daughter. That promotion that went to someone else.

2. Fulfilled Dreams. The marriage you hoped for is being lived out. The 'dream' vacation actually met expectations. I had a dream of being a 'priest' when I was young. I'm a minister. Close enough.

3. Dreams that take us to what's next. I had a dream when I was a kid of being the second baseman for the Milwaukee Brave (that dates me, doesn't it). Never happened. But that dream fueled some childhood energies. I dreamed of being a lawyer and going into politics. I went to law school for two weeks. Was it a wasted dream? Nope. I learned some things that led to the next best thing for my life.

There are other kind of dreams. You read about them in the Scriptures page after page, story after story. Those are the God-sized dreams, the impossible ones, placed in the hearts of what often looks like improbable people. And God is still in the dream planting business.

Martin Luther King had one of those dreams. I wonder what he'd think of this presidential campaign. So did Mandela. Talk about shock waves. Mother Theresa wasn't anyone really special but God laid a big dream on her heart. She captivated the hearts of millions and more importantly loved God's people face to face.

I have a friend, a mom and church leader who birthed a minstry called Breakthough. God laid one on her. Hundreds and hundreds of folks in a tough neighborhood on the west side of Chicago are given hope day after day, year after year. http://www.breakthoughministries.com/

I have another friend who is passionate about reaching out to male street hustlers in Chicago. God planted a crazy dream in his heart. http://www.streets.org/

My friend Sherry is having a God-sized bomb of a dream going off in her heart. She's not sure where it's leading but whoa something is happening. It's got a lot to do with justice, the poor and the oppressed.

Another friend is sensing God's leading to develop some co-housing opportunites for single adults.

Here's what I know for sure. God is in the dream-planting business. He's looking for ordinary people, willing to step out of their comfort zone, allowing Him to lead ...often into what looks like impossible situations. And then it happens. A movement is born. A ministry established. Grace is poured out.

Do me a favor. Ask God to plant a dream in your heart. You might be surprised where it leads. For sure, you'll never be the same.

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