Friday, October 17, 2008

Serving a 'hunker-down' god?

More and more people I know are being impacted by all the economic ups and downs. You know people too. Maybe you're one of them.

Many people who read this haven't been impacted much and probably won't be. Oh, for sure, your retirement plan is off the radar ...but in real time, real dollars ...right now...a lot of people are still OK.

This is for you.

Give generously.
Open your home.
Look for ways to help.
Don't forget the poor.
Support a local ministry.
Support a global ministry.
Fill a table for a not-for-profit fundraiser.

In other words open yourself, your heart, and your pocketbook up. Resist all temptation to just hunker down and ride this out.


We don't serve a god named 'hunker down'. That's a made up god. It's a god who doesn't ask much of those who serve it.

Our God is on the loose, on the prowl. He asks us to take a risk, make a sacrifice. I like this God.

I know, I know, I know there is a time to take a sabbath, time to discover the rest of God ...I know.

But there is also a time to take stock of who we are, what we've been given, to acknowledge the state of the world, to open our eyes, and to move and to act. I think we're in one of those times.

If you're looking for places to invest yourself and your money and aren't sure where or how let me know. I'll be glad to give you some places and people to invest in.

My prayer is that we'll open ourselves up to the possibilities to give. There's a whole lot of people near where you live and certainly all over the globe who have no safety net to catch them when bad economic times hit. It has nothing to do with their willingness to work, or an ethic of entitlement. I wish it was that easy. The causes are complex. But the big reality is that when you fall off the economic ladder and there's no net to catch you and you can't go to the store and buy what you need to fix what hurts and when you really have no place to turn ...who's going to be there for these folks?

Them? The servants of hunker-down?

I think it has to be us. Christ's people. His followers.

There's a great need. We have a big God. He wants to meet needs. We're His plan. It's the only plan He's got.

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