Monday, October 13, 2008

Wanting More

Do you ever want more?

I do.

I'm getting older. I feel it. Somedays more than others but I feel it. In my daydreams, I win the lottery and buy a place in Arube for wintering and Door Country for the summer.

That's in my daydreams.

In my gut, I sense God is calling me to one or two more great adventures. I need to pay attention to that call, that stirring.

In the past couple of weeks many people have had their retirement plans thrown for a loop. It might be a good thing. God might be calling us beyond daydreams, to live into an authentic call on our lives. What if God uses these tough economic times to plant a seed of adventure in people? What if he calls them to something new and unexpected? What's their resonse going to be?

Most people won't ever notice that something is planted. They'll only see a dream dashed against the rocks of economic realities. Instead of pausing and asking for discernment and wisdom all too many will continue to fill life with business, buysyness and clutter. Whatever it is that distracts us will keep us from noticing the oftentimes subtle touch of God in our lives. Instead of finding God's best we'll settle for sulking, pointing a finger, blaming somebody, anybody - maybe even God. Too many won't be able to see beyond their immediate feelings. They'll miss out on this new thing God wants to do in and through their lives.

I don't want to miss that. I don't want to be distracted, sulking my way through life blaming the world and missing out on opportunities.

I talked to my spiritual director today. We talked about this. He told me that God is stirring something in me - something missional. "Find out what that is" he told me. I agree. A seed has been planted. Don't know what it is but it's real.

How about you?

Are you sensing you want more? How many adventures do you have left? Any seeds being planted in your life? What stirrings do you need to be paying attention to?

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