Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Return to Prosperity?

I was watching the news. Our Treasury Secretary said something to this effect - "We're taking all these economic measures in order to return us to prosperity."

I went 'huh'?

Prosperity. Not some sort of economic stability. Not some sort of banking normalcy. Prosperity.

What does that mean?

Does it mean the rich get rich, the poor stay poor?
Does it mean a world filled with McMansions and oversized SUV's?
Does it mean a lovefest with excess?
Does prosperity mean that I get more and I'll trickle it down to those who have little?

Prosperity. What a strange choice of words.

I'm a believer. I don't think 'prosperous' is what Jesus is all about. That's what late-night TV health and wealth preachers lean into, not Jesus. And so I'm struggling with what this all means.

You see, if we return to prosperous our life compasses won't work well. Our 'true north' will point us back to ourselves and our oftentimes petty concerns. Uh Uh. That's not the way we need to go.

Maybe we need to move away from prosperity and choose simplicity, intentionality, and sacrifice. Maybe we move away from 'us' being the center of the universe and instead return the universe back to its rightful owner. Maybe we need to shelve our selfish dreams for God-sized dreams.

So, maybe, our economic recovery plan is going to end up being really bad news. Some of us might end up prosperous but in the process lose our heart and soul.

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