Sunday, December 28, 2008

No More in 2009

1. No more irrational thoughts except that 2009 will be the Cubs year.
2. No more annoying habits except for biting my fingernails and blaming everyone else for my failures.
3. No more majoring in the minors except when it comes to the things I know a lot about.
4. No more highs and lows unless they're tied to my emotions.
5. No more pithy political comments unless Congress does something stupid.
6. No more making the Bible say what it doesn't mean unless I'm backed into a corner and need to 'proof-text' something to death.
7. No more satiric jabs at anything religious unless I just can't resist the opportunity.
8. No more cracks about the weather until at least January 2.
9. No more interactions with irrational people unless I'm conversing with myself.
10. No more making to-do lists I can never keep up with unless I need to do something really painful for Lent.

And on the serious side.

1. No more backing down from a needed confrontation.
2. No more putting up with religious bullies.
3. No more standing back and waiting.
4. No more wasting my gifts and talents.
5. No more putting up with gossip.
6. No more of keeping silent when my voice is needed.
7. No more tap-dancing around the truth.
8. No more settling for less than the best.
9. No more being busy for the sake of being busy.
10. No more of not being the leader God has called me to be.
11. No more being afraid to claim my 'future'.
12. No more waiting when I should be on the move.
13. No more being on the move when I should be waiting.
14. No more saying one thing and doing another.
15. No more knowing a lot about God at the expense of really knowing Him.


tmichaelcart said...

That is a great list of "no-mores", brother. I particularly enjoy the one about religious bullies. That, my friend, will be easier in the doing than in the saying. It's often hard to be unpopular as a result of standing up to those who are shrill and immobile.

T. Michael Cart

Mike said...

Thanks for the 'thumbs up'. Yes, religious bullies ...they need to be confronted but when you do ...the stomach acid rises ...there's no win it seems other than the fact that you know that what you're doing is right and needed.