Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Remember Hawkeye, the sarcastic, cynical doc in the TV show 'Mash'. He had an uncanny ability to look life straight in the eye and see both the truth and the absurdity in whatever situation he was in.

Because he could see the absurdity he could cope with what turned out to be some very disturbing truths. After all, he was stuck in a war zone, thousands of miles from home, fighting a war he really didn't believe in and surrounded by a few rather inept colleagues. If that's your truth you gotta be able to laugh because the truth will make you cry.

I wonder if we laugh enough. Good laughs. Not the kind that prey upon innocent victims, or cheap shots from the rear seats. But healthy giggles, knowing grins, deep belly laughs. We need it you know.

It's been said that some people don't laugh well. They can't see the absurd. It's hard for them to see the weird, the crazy, and the preposterous all around us. Why is that?

Well, some people are control freaks. Laughter sometimes gets a bit out of control. A sense of humor isn't easily corralled.

Some people spend a good deal of time pointing fingers. When you're busy pointing at someting or someone it's hard to keep eyes and ears open to the humorous.

Some people feel responsible for everything. The responsibility is so heavy, it's taken so seriously that laughter and fun can't find a place to rest and joy runs and hides.

Control, finger pointing, and heavy loads of unrealistic responsibility are the enemies of joy. It's hard to see the absurdity in certain situations and the fun of life when one is so preoccupied with protecting the order and welfare of the universe. How can you laugh at what's truly amusing if you can't laugh at yourself?

How can one live without laughter?

I don't think Jesus did. It's hard for me to believe that three years around campfires with his motley crew didn't produce a few laughs. Read Scripture sometimes looking for the humor. It's everywhere you look.

Laughter is good medicine. It's 'holy' stuff. 'The joy of the Lord is my strength.' Sure, some humor is crude and exacts a price. But there's more than enough good stuff all around us ...look for it ...you'll smile. Your troubles will seem less heavy. You'll see the truth for what it is and isn't. You'll gain perspective. There's too many dour faced people these days. Laugh a little. You'll feel better.


melanie said...

i recommend crashing an elementary christmas program! we went to daughter zoe's today and i laughed so hard i cried. as bill said, saturday night live couldn't have done it better. falling mikes, saxophone blats and a dancing reindeer. hi-larious!

Mike said...

Those are the best. Great memories. I've been through several dozen of those ...by the way, where do your kids go to school?

Merry Christmas. Give my best to Bill. We'll have to get together for sure sometime in '09.

I want to hear more about how the Westminster Catechism, Southern Baptist, and Catholicism come together for the two of you.

Anita and I bring together several elements ourselves. Pretty fun.