Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Interesting. We look for life anchors, hoping to find safe harbor and a sense of security. We put faith and trust in the government, in trusted instituions, in public figures, and even in sport franchises. Opening my e-mail over the past couple of days I've discovered that the Chicago Trib is being restructured, our Governor is in federal custody, and the economy is still 'iffy'. The Cubs might be making a trade for another starting pitcher ...so 2009 will be the year, finally. Then again, it's the Cubs.


Maybe we're not supposed to be anchored. Maybe we're created to 'sail'. Our eyes might need to be on the horizon ...that which beckons us ...not gazing on the shore of yesterday or the institutions built by the 'people of the harbor'.

Oh, I love safe harbors. Maybe too much.
I love to anchor. Maybe too long.
I love shore leaves. Lasting into monotony.
I love institutional strength. And trust it too much.

Maybe I'm wrong.

Inside, I long for open waters. Not to escape. No, open waters that take me where the wind longs for me to go.

Our society is being restructured. What gave strength to so many for so long ...our business, our industry, our place in the world, our leaders ...well, much of that is failing. We look around and are discovering that what anchored us before is sinking us now.

So what's next?

Maybe we need to set sail. Build a good boat and 'go'.


To that dream God has planted in our hearts. To follow the chart leading to our 'divine adventure'. To a place where you can learn to trust once again ...anchoring yourself in the sweet breeze of Holy Spirit leadings.

There you will find life.

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