Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Zig-Zag Memory

The other day I was spending time 'remembering'. I was remembering nothing in particular just kind of zig zagging through my life. It was all going well until I remembered California. Now, there is nothing wrong with California, nothing at all. In fact, I love the state. I just don't like remembering everything that happened there. I hurt someone.

I was working for a church. I was a youth minister ...young, full of myself, knowing everything. One of the pastors wanted to be my mentor. I loved the idea until his mentoring started to feel like meddling. And so I shut him out.

Looking back his meddling was in fact mentoring. I couldn't get beyond myself to see that. The killer is that I had made a pact with this guy. I had told him that if we ever hit a rough spot that I'd tell him about it and we'd go out for coffee to talk it over. Well, we hit the rough spot. I never made the call. I decided to run away from the problem. I lost a friend and a mentor.

You might be thinking ...big deal. Stuff happens. Get over it. It's not that easy.
You see, there's a reason God put this memory in my head. God does that you know. He's always in teaching mode.

I'm going to try to find him. Tell him that I was immature. That I blew it. Apologize. Ask for forgiveness. Maybe God will do something amazing as a result.

Every have a memory you can't get out of your head? Maybe it's something good. Do you ever wonder why that memory shows up periodically? Maybe, just maybe, there is someone you need to thank, a relationship to renew. There's someone just needing that pat on the back. God's trying to tell you to give someone the 'high five' they need badly. And maybe, just maybe, there's a memory that haunts you. You did someone wrong. Maybe God is trying to tell you that that memory is haunting someone else too. And maybe, just maybe, God is trying to tell you that it's not too late to make things right.

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