Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It's Over

It's over. This long election season is history. America did itself proud. Huge turnout. Few problems.

Some random observations.

This past summer I went on the Justice Journey. The Journey was a bus trip to the major civil rights sites in the south. Half our crew was white. The other half was African-American. Several times we heard what the Obama candidacy meant to our African-American brothers and sisters. The candidacy was a partical fulfilment of the dream, the mountain top that MLK spoke about. When Inauguration day comes it will touch them in very profound mountain top ways. We need to understand that perspective.

I cried last night while watching Obama's speech. The words were well spoken. The visual images were stunning. The meaning for a world that is predominantly non-white was staggering. I thought of my fellow Justice Journey mates. I was moved deeply.

I found myself praying this morning for President Bush and President-elect Barak Obama. I prayed that Bush might finish well. For Obama, I prayed for safety, for wisdom. I prayed that he might draw even closer to Jesus.

I was proud of John McCain. His speech was gracious, unifying, statesmanlike. I have a hunch that he will continue to play a key role in what I hope is a much more bi-partisan approach to governing our nation.

Now we must face our future. Now we all need to ask ourselves what 'we' will do. An election is an election is an election. Life beckons everyday. How then shall we live? The issues we face are staggering on a macro level. That's why our elected officials need our prayer and our input. But everyday we get to make micro decisions about how we use our time, how we will spend our money, how we will love our brothers and sisters and how we will use our gifts and talents for true 'kingdom' purposes. Those decisions are the choices that can start a 'ripple of concern' around the globe. You see, no matter who lives in the White House there is only so much he can do. We have the power to make our part of the world a better place. When we do that out.

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