Monday, November 03, 2008

When the election is over?

History shows us that our electoral process is remarkably civil. For instance, when the chads were found hanging we managed to deal with that in a fairly grace filled manner.

But in less than 48 hours. we’ll have a new President. Some are predicting wide-spread ‘negativity’ no matter who wins. We know the possibility exists because there is something different about this world this time around. It feels like people are spoiling for a fight. The negative e-mails I get and the letters I see published make me cringe with embarrassment and fear at times.

The truth is that in the aftermath of this election there is some real possibility for ugliness. Add liberal vs. conservative, race, a horrid war, and a messy economic crisis to the electoral cauldron, have it get stirred by a handful of idiots and voila …we got problems. There’s lot riding on this election. Lots of hopes and dreams.

What’s our role?

We need to be reconcilers, bridge builders. We can’t buy into any ugliness. Here’s how I see it. If my candidate doesn’t get elected the world won’t end. God will still be in the heavens. We will still have a democratic process in place. We will still be free. We will still have the ability to work for a better world.

No matter what happens we should give the benefit of the doubt to whichever candidate is elected, praying that God will work in his life and the life of our nation in very significant ways. Whether it’s President McCain or President Obama …they’re inheriting a boatload of troubles. They’re going to need an active, involved citizenry. Heckling from the back row isn’t going to help.

Wednesday morning the ‘talk-shows’ will stink up the airwaves with all kind of finger-pointing and posturing. People are going to be angry, frustrated. Maybe even some of us. Some might decide that a war of words isn't going to be enough. We all worry about those who believe physical violence proves a point. Scary stuff.

But God calls us to a ‘higher road’. We don’t have to join in with the junk. We can be agents of positive response, patrons of thoughtful analysis, conveyers of hope. We can be ‘difference makers’. We have to be. Because if we don't who will?

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Anita Lustrea said...

Thanks for the call to act like a follower of Christ in the midst of this heated election.
Anita Lustrea