Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Life in Motion

About three weeks ago my left eye-lid closed and didn't want to open up. The doc started treating an infection. He also suspected a possible aneurism and/or blood clot.

There have been some interpersonal disuputes that have created relational tensions in my world. Hard stuff. Blood pressure raising. No easy solutions.

We've all had the experience of receiving our quarterly 401k reports. Tough stuff.

Money issues, health anxieties, relational squabbles. How do we handle them?

The truth is that in order to deal with our health, our money issues, relationship fractures, ethical lapses, and most other important things ...the only way way to really deal with these things is to walk towards them, to embrace them, to be humbled by them, to go to school on them.

Some people want to run and hide. Others want to scream. Finger pointing has some brief delicious moments but it's childish.

Nope, walking towards and through our issues is what works. Someone told me once that it's 'easier to tame a fanatic than it is to breathe life into a corpse'. There's something about a life in motion that God can use to bring healing, understanding, and wisdom.

The most unhappy people I know are those hiding, the continually angry, and the finger-pointers. They don't know it ...but they are dead. They're using their anger, their fear, and their avoidance as burial cloths. You can almost smell the scent of 'something going bad' in them.

When I found out about my eye I was discouraged. When I was stuck in the midst of interpersonal strife I felt overwhelmed. When I opened my 401k a little fear hit me. I just wanted to go in a corner and hide away. Want to know something? That's what I did. I took probably an inappropriate amount of time to lick my wounds, to feel sorry for myself, to check my internal GPS. And then reason and grace finally kicked in. I put my life into motion ...walking towards the pain and the discomfort.

I'd like to say it's easy. It's not. I'd like to say everything all works out hunky-dory. It doesn't. Sometimes it get worse. But instead of having life happen to me, I'm discovering it's better to embrace the life I've been given.

In the midst of embracing the problem with my eye my doc was putting his life in motion to help fix it.

In the midst of embracing and moving toward the relationship issues I discovered others involved were doing the same thing.

In the midst of embracing my dwindling retirement I found no one moving toward me. That's why we're calling it an economic crisis I bet.

So two out of three isn't bad.

The truth is thatGod honors a life in motion, someone embracing life, moving towards others, edging towards solutions, accepting the fact that sin has polluted our world and bad stuff happens. But when we start 'moving' God can use us in ways that we can be an ambassador of His healing towards others and he can use others to help heal us.

And what about my eye? It's getting better. Looks healed to me.

The relational issues feel fixable because good people with good hearts are seeking God's best.

My dwindling retirement is still dwindling but I'm realizing my faith has to be in the Lord, not the stock market.

Not bad.

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