Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I had a heart attack

I had a heart attack. Mild. No damage.

It was a wake-up call. It happened in early June. The big take-away is learning to destress my life.

Stress kills. I learned that. So what stresses me? That's what I've got to find out. I can point fingers. Toxic people stress me. Loss of control is a stressor. Too much work, not enough time frazzles me. Never getting to the end of a to-do list isn't fun.

But you can't walk away from life. I'm in the ministry. I will meet and have to deal with toxic people. If I'm in control then God isn't. Time management is always going to be an issue. There's never enough time for everything.

Five things I'm thinking about though.

1. Take time for what's important.
2. Be present to the presence of the Lord.
3. Trust God to do His thing.
4. Good enough is good enough.
5. Live today. It might be your last. Let tomorrow take care of itself.

I can't do everything or be everything.

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