Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I cried on Saturday

My son got married on Saturday. I performed the wedding. I was fine through the service. It was at the reception that the tears came.

There was a slide show of Stephen and Jenny. Seeing the pictures of Stephen growing up brought back an avalanche of memories. How does time move so quickly? How does the little boy become the married man?

It's sobering to see your life reflected through the joy of another. Did I do enough? Did I do the right things? Was I too hard? Too soft? Just right? Will he be wise enough to ignore the shadow side of his father and live into those things that are good and right?

That's where I have to trust God. He loves Stephen even more than I do. He gave him a gift in Jenny, his new wife.

But I cried ...tears of joy, of wonder, of amazement, of introspection, of hope ...tears that lead to a prayer of thanks for so many blessings, tears that led to repentance for any hurt my brokenness has caused ...but mainly tears for the memories.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mike,

Thank you for sharing those tender memories and emotions. Thanks also for reminding us that it is alright to cry, process and express our feelings in a healthy, safe environment.



Anonymous said...

Life has been unexpected in many areas. There has been pain and there has been joy. Most of these emotions have come from relationships.

Being able to turn to the Lord has brought healing to the pain and a satisfying joy that I didn't know before I knew HIM.

Now I have the joy of two wonderful grandchildren, my daughter, son-in-law and family.

It has only been thru my relationship with the Lord, that HE has guided me through rough times and to good times. HE also brought me to a wonderful church, singles group, and pastor. (That would be you, Mike.)

Thank you for sharing something so deeply personal about you at your sons wedding & reception.

It is precisely your pain that gives you the great compassion that the Lord uses to draw those HE wants to you and your ministry.

I am very blessed to have been led your way.

Thank you, Mike.