Monday, August 18, 2008

Do you want to get well?

I'm being blasted. Hit in the face. Sirens are going off. Everytime I turn around I'm either reading, listening, or having a dialogue around one question ..."Do you want to get well?"

That's what Jesus asked the excuse laden man at the pools in Jerusalem. Do you want to get well?

That's the question God is asking me. Chances are he's asking you the same thing. And even though we say 'yes' because that's what all good little Christian boys and girls do ...we have all kinds of reasons why now is not the time!

And so we stay sick and stay stuck!!! We stay in our rut that now feels like home sweet home, only occassionally peering over the sides to see something new and fresh. Our rut becomes our tomb. And then we have the audacity to proclaim,"I'm really living."

I want to get well. Really do. Whatever's holding me back I want Jesus to heal. I want to live. Really live. Really feel alive.

How about you?

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