Monday, August 08, 2011

The Rock in My Shoe

Last week I went to my spiritual director and he asked me to consider what rock is in my shoe that's causing me to limp. That came after the end of a long conversation where he challenged me to live by faith, not by sight. Grrrr.

So, I started to journal and these questions came to mind. I think they are important for me to answer for I truly desire to live into the fulness of who God created me to be. I offer them to help anyone else out there walking with a limp.

What disciplines do I need in my life?

What lies of the enemy am I beginning to buy into?

What habits do I need to coax down the attic stairs?

Who are the people I need around me?

What fears do I need to face?

What sins need to be confessed?

What dreams need to be embraced?

What personal hurts need healing?

What good habits need to be nurtured?

What am I holding on to that needs to be released?

What have I let go of that needs to be reclaimed?

What skills am I lacking?

What am I trusting God for that if He doesn't show up it's going to feel like my whole life is going down the tubes?

Where do I find the laughter and joy?

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