Saturday, August 06, 2011

Random Blurts About Stuff

Interesting week. The Congress makes a move. Then the markets. Polls are showing there is almost zero approval for the President or the Congress. And no one seems to have high expectations for economic recovery. We've even had our national credit rating lowered. There's still lots of finger pointing but I think people are getting tired of all the fussing and blaming. Here's some of the things That are going through my head.

The Tea Party has some muscle but I'm still unclear if it has a heart.

Is there anyone out there who has the ability to heal the wounds inflicted by politicians on each other?

Why are the American people backing off into little communities of like mindedness?

What if there really is a global economic collapse? Who will step up to lead and serve through all of that?

Will the American people ever get over their insatiable thirst for more?

Greed survives. No matter what it manages to find a way.

I'm mad at myself for not saying and doing more in the midst of these important national debates.

Instant analysis is part of the problem. Having a considered opinion is a dying art.

America needs POTUS to stir our passions towards unity and the common good. But do people really want that anymore?

We know who causes trouble but we're not clear who we can trust to be a peacemaker and reconciler.

The anger is going go kill us.

When will Democrats and Republicans realize that Americans struggle with a big government that acts stupidly too much of the time?

The church has got to step up. More. More yet.

Will the Republicans be able to mount a serious presidential challenge in 2012? I don't see anyone emerging from the pack. Would love to see POTUS go up against a strong challenger in a campaign filled with substance not negativity. My gut says that this is could be the ugliest election ever and some of us will choose to fuel it with our own thoughtless behavior.

Heard that the committee of 12 is going to be populated by folks who believe it's my way or the highway. Say it ain't so.

Anyone else asking God what He's thinking needs to be done?

More and more I'm asking the question "When the times get tough who's going to be my community?"

I think those in leadership these days truly do have a thankless job.

Who are the voices of reason people are listening to? Do they even want to?

Why did it feel like we were being held hostage over the past few weeks?

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