Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Brain Blurts

The whole Charlie Sheen implosion is horrific to watch.  Just heard he's approaching 1,000,000 followers on Twitter. Guess we love watching train wrecks. That's pretty sad actually.  

The Academy Awards Show made a run at being relevant with younger hosts,  They were looking for a wider demographic.  Better material might have helped the relevancy concern . Funny is always good.  Glad ‘The King’s Speech’ won best picture.  Thought it was pretty uplifting and the acting ensemble was stellar.

Rob Bell has a new book out.  Lots of people are really mad about what he’s writing but I don’t know anyone who’s actually read it yet.  It will be interesting to see if folks will enter into the debate with any degree of civility. From what I've been able to surmise he's raising some issues people would rather not talk about.

Loved this quote I found on Sojourners. "I want the liberals who despise the Bible to take it more seriously, and the conservatives to do more than massage it for their own interests." - Rev. Peter J. Gomes, a Harvard theologian, author, and Baptist preacher who died Monday at 68. (Washington Post)

Wisconsin lawmakers are hiding out in Illinois. Are they being strategic or are they merely cowering in fear?  Something doesn't feel right about what they're doing.

The fiscal crisis in Wisconsin is pitting reform against the unions and all the history behind that movement.  This is interesting on a whole lot of levels. Happy to see democracy at work with good people taking a stand.  I wonder what the win/win is in all this though? Loved what I read someplace today “What would Jesus cut?”  Not happy hearing about death threats.

In Illinois, the legislature continues to do ‘not much of anything’.  Glad some things remain constant.

Both the NBA and NFL will be having labor negotiations.  Not sure anyone is going to have much sympathy for either side.  Multi-millionaire owners talking to multi-millionaire players about deals that only the rest of us can dream about.  Hope we don't get any ten million dollar player crying that he needs more in order to feed his family. 

The new Mayor in Chicago is going to be a force to be reckoned with.  He really does display a steely resolve.  I have a hunch that Chicago won’t be his final stop on the political ladder.

That guy in Libya is convinced none of his people are really upset.  He also believes Charlie Sheen is acting normally. My guess his life is about to look a bit different.

 'Change' anywhere in the world starts a chain reaction impacting us all. Anyone notice gas prices are getting a little scary?  We’re experiencing the ‘cost of freedom’.  It leads to an interesting question. Do we really want others to be free if it takes money out of our pocket or inconveniences us in any way?  Higher costs at the pump is maybe one way we get 'skin in this particular game'.    

It’s still ugly in Haiti I hear.  How soon we forget. Unlike New Zealand which has infrastructure and stable government the folks in Haiti are starting from ground zero.  Let's keep both countries in our prayers.

New grandson Eamon Patrick Murphy is a pretty cool kid.  What a life. Eats, sleeps, poops then starts the cycle all over again.  Pretty much the way life ends now that I think about it.

Going through physical therapy for a nasty bit of arthritis in my knee.  When I stand I sound a little bit like the entire drum line in a marching band.  If pt doesn't work, they'll juice it.  If that doesn't work I go titanium.  Still amazed at what we can do today to heal people up that wasn't available just a short time ago. We're blessed.

First fist fight (say that ten times real fast) of the season in Cubs camp.  Feisty group.  That probably means a World Series for us this fall.  Or not. 

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