Saturday, March 19, 2011

Another War?

Today our country joins with others to stop evil in Libya.  Is it the right call?  I guess we’ll find out.  It certainly won’t be a popular call for nothing ever is these days.  But it’s certainly a gutsy call in today’s political climate.

Should we or  shouldn’t  we?  Can we remain silent when we look into the eyes of a tyrant intent on the destruction of his opponents?  Or should we retreat caring for our issues and our people only?

The times are filled with peril aren’t they?

I’m not a fan of war. I’ve always believe that ‘war is unhealthy for children and other living things.’  And yet I know there are times when faced with scurrilous evil that we are called to battle.

We live in a world these days where enemies are rarely defeated.  There is no signing anymore of 'surrender documents' these days.  Instead, the war goes underground, into the alley way, and into the hands of the terrorist.  Hate lives on.

My guess is that we will be at war for the foreseeable future.  There is no cutting off the head of evil these days because there is no singular entity to go after.  There is now a shadowy network of alliance.  When one is defeated another rises up.

It sounds a bit trite to even say this but I must.  We live in a global community.  Isolationism is no longer an option.  Economically our lives are intertwined with others throughout our world.  For better and worse, in many respects, we are one.  In that, I find both strange comfort and perplexing uneasiness.  The comfort comes from the hope that the ‘oneness’ we experience will lead to some rock solid solutions to the problems ailing us.  The uneasiness comes from knowing that oneness is always mightily challenged by selfishness.

Some will look to scripture and gaze into the skies for Jesus’ soon return.  ‘War and rumors of war’ will galvanize end timers.  However, that is very unsatisfying from my perspective.  Sitting, hoping and waiting is unappealing and plays into the hands of our real enemy.

So what should people of faith do?  I’m at somewhat of a loss as to what to say and I find myself offering only this.

Certainly, we must pray for the Lord’s will to be done.  Perhaps a pledge to pray for leaders of the free world who are stepping into unpopular and gut wrenching territory.  For sure, for a quick end to what is happening in Libya.  We must pray for the protection of innocents.  We must pray against evil and ask for the personal courage to confront it wherever we are. And we must ask for the Lord’s help for each of us to the next right thing, in the right way, with the right attitude, and the right motivation.  I’m naive enough to still believe that good people doing the right thing can create a world wide tipping point towards good.  God is asking us to be ‘kingdom builders’ and the only way we can do that is by behaving like kingdom people.

The whole world is being tested these days.  Perhaps if we embrace the story line presenting itself and enter into it determined to help rewrite the plot line of worry, hate, terror and despair God will use our obedience for His purposes. We can still make a difference you know.  With God all things are possible. All things.

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