Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Random Discoveries

I’m not afraid to ‘do’ theology.
Much of the Christian life is improv.  That’s hard for rule keepers to accept.
Experts are oftentimes just making their best guess guided both by both their scholarship and their bias.  Sometimes it’s more bias than scholarship.
Too many are afraid to interact with Scripture.  Really interact with it. 
I really like people who have a considered opinion and a listening ear.
Change is hard and inevitable.
Radical conservatives and radical liberals bore me. 
Thinking conservatives and thinking liberals make me smile.
All the stuff between Republicans, Democrats, and Tea Party is getting increasingly tedious.
I’m pretty stuck on this “Jesus” thing I’ve found.
Too many are afraid to think out loud.  They’ve been judged one too many times.
I think churches that don’t allow women into leadership have some explaining to do.
I still think God’s intention is one man, one woman ...for a lifetime. Realizing how complicated that all is in today’s world.
I can see some good things in the Illinois Civil Unions legislation.
Thanking God for a spiritual director.
I really do hate driving in the snow.
My wife is an absolutely incredible person.
Realizing I don’t care a whole lot about who wins the Super Bowl.
I’m falling in love with the “Lord’s Prayer”.
Had some people over for lunch on Sunday.  Really good conversationists are hard to find ...a group of them graced our great room.
If we don’t care about the poor we are walking away from God.
Sometimes when I give to my church I feel as if I’m giving to myself.
Regarding church music.  All of should be ‘contemporary’.  Lest that starts an argument ...doesn’t matter the style as long as it really is used to speak to real people living in real time.
The church is losing influence.  Lucky to be part of one that wants to figure it all out.
Without the influence of the church the world would be a much sorrier place.
When people my age disparage young people I want to introduce them to the staff at Breakthrough.
Regarding Christian radio.  Who decided that taped sermon after taped sermon communicates well to today’s world?  
TV news during a snow storm is about as entertaining as it gets.
The notion of grace sometimes stops me in my tracks.
Why do I think that I’m entering into the most interesting phase of my life?
I need a new knee.
Working with and being on a good team is a blast.
Maybe this won’t be the Cubs year.  Nah.  It will be.

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