Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Eamon was born today.  Eamon Patrick Murphy.  My grandson.  My son Kevin is the father and Joanie, his wife, is mom.  Eamon is Celtic and and it means ‘Prosperous Protector’.  May it be so .  May he grow to be wealthy in the things of God, generous of spirit, and known to have a big heart and winsome personality.  May he protect those things worth protecting and go to battle against those things that oppress people and are inherently evil.  And may he be gifted with the discernment necessary to know the difference.

I remember when Kevin was born.  It was in the shadows of Circus Circus in Reno.  Jaundiced with a pointy head he came into the world and into our life. He’s made me laugh and cry.  I watched him grow to be a man and now a father. The love of his life is Joanie.  Both are treasures, two of God’s greatest creations.  They have what it takes to be good parents.  

Eamon will grow up in a different kind of world.  It is a world that will be filled with amazing challenges needing strong leaders.  Is it wrong to pray that my grandson will be one of those people who will make a significant difference? It doesn’t have to be in big ways but by confidence in the content of his character and the acquired habits of positive and effective  influence may he grow into the mission God has for him. 

It’s a good day.  I’ll always remember the Big Blizzard of 2011.  For Eamon arrived.  And my heart is glad.  Very glad.  

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