Thursday, June 03, 2010

Vacation, Inspiration and the Blackhawks

Vacation. One of the most beautiful words in the English language. I am going to vacate one world and place myself in another quite soon. Yes. How sweet it is.

I make vacation decisions on a variety of factors. Cost plays a role. Weather certainly. Adventure can play a factor. There are times when what I’m looking for is a ‘place’. I’m looking for a ‘place’ that’s familiar, where God has met me in times past.

My wife’s place is Ross Lake in northern Maine. She’s flooded with great memories when she’s there.

I have several places. Door County for sure. Beautiful. Unrushed. There’s a camp in Northern California called Woodleaf. It’s a Young Life property. Haven’t been there for years but it beckons me. The college I went to is called St. John’s. 2400 acres of forest and lakes. It was the doorway into the rest of the world for me.

Vacation 2010 is about a sense of place. Going to visit St. John’s and then to beautiful Door County.

I need a fresh breath of God’s spirit flowing into my life. Pray that I open myself to all the possibilities God will set before me.

Last night was inspirational. I was invited to attend the end of the year banquet of a group called Link Unlimited. Every year five or six dozen young people are chosen to be part of a four year odyssey designed to help them succeed. Sponsors mentor and help pay for a private school high school education for motivated but poor African American young people.

Last night the Seniors became alumni. Everyone of them is going to a four year college. 55% are getting full rides. Together they earned over $6,000,000 in scholarships over the next four years. They are going to some of the nation’s best schools …Stanford, Vanderbilt, Bowdoin, Illinois, Smith, and Willams.

It was hard not to get choked up watching these young men and women grab hold of their future. It was way cool.

By the way, they’re looking for more sponsors and mentors. Check it out at


The Bulls weren’t so good. Neither were the Bears. The Cubs and Sox are mired in mediocrity or worse. But not the Blackhawks. They’re fighting for Lord Stanley’s Cup.

It’s interesting what happens to a city when one of their teams is succeeding. Spirits are buoyed. Hope is restored. There’s something good to talk about. We need the diversion from other stuff going on around us.

There’s lots I don’t like about big-time sports but it’s hard to be a cynic when your team is in the thick of things.

So, Chicago is thinking hockey big-time in June. Go Hawks.


Anonymous said...

Heading up to St. John's? I think you might know someone just outside of Minneapolis who'd buy you a cup of coffee along the way if you had a moment to stop . . .

Mike said...

Hey Katie: Send me your cell phone # at If we can make it happen I'll give you a call. Looks like our stay in Minneapolis might be a little rushed but it would be great to see you.

Blessings, Mike

Katy said...

Mike, I sent you our number but got the out of office reply, so not sure if you will be able to check it or not?