Friday, June 04, 2010

Random Stuff Running Around in My Head

Poor Obama. Did you know he personally caused the oil leakage in the Gulf? You have to just laugh at the folks blaming him for everything under the sun.

I love Israel. Would go back in a minute. Love the land and the people. Still don’t understand, however, why so many get upset when others question Israeli judgment and/or motivation. I wonder if some ‘end times’ biblical paradigms cloud the judgment of many regarding Israel. It’s almost like Israel can do whatever it needs or wants to as long as biblical prophecy is fulfilled. That just sounds goofy and unbiblical.

The whole BP/Gulf thing is heart wrenching. It's another dagger to the heart of that region. I haven't prayed enough for them and that whole situation. Makes you appreciate the environmentalists who have been 'warning' us about this kind of thing for years.

Former Governor Blagojevich is on trial. I’m wondering how many famous people are squirming in their seats knowing that he lack impulse control.

I’ve been thinking that if all the really angry people get elected in the fall we’re going to have an even worse mess in Congress than we do now. Angry people have to stay angry in order for their constituency to keep supporting them. How do you get anything done in an environment of ‘rage’? How do you build coalitions?

Sorry to hear about the Gore’s ending what looked like a fulfilling marriage. Of course we never know what goes on behind closed doors but this saddened me. I think they are good people.

I just read an article that said that “the world's mega-cities are merging to form vast "mega-regions" which may stretch hundreds of kilometres across countries and be home to more than 100 million people according to a major new UN report.” Whew. I wonder what that means for political, economic, religious and social thinking.

More and more I’m seeing the good things ordinary people do. People all over are ‘paying it forward’ and making a difference.

Sometimes I listen to really conservative Christian radio and I understand why so many people write people of faith off. Don’t try to call in and disagree either. You won’t be treated well.

Do you think God likes systematic theology?

Why do I want an ipad so much?

Do you think anyone ever sits Rahm Emanuel down and inquires why he deems it so important to be so foul mouthed?

The ‘Tea Party’ movement scares me. For sure, they’re part of the corrective process in our political system but whew …

Walked into a pizza place in an urban neighborhood and saw volunteers from a suburban Christian school loading up a truck, met African-American staff people who are from that neighborhood, and was introduced to 15 people from Kosovo who are all Muslims. Gotta love the diversity of this world of ours. Began thinking that those who can’t embrace and deal with diversity are going to be ill-equipped to make an impact going forward.

I’m very excited about a lot of my friends who have been given the spiritual gift of making lots of money and deal making. They can help make dreams come true.

Ted Haggard is starting another church. Things that make you go hmmmm.

Watched Hotel Rwanda again the other night. I couldn’t help but think deeply about the genocide that occurred in that piece of Africa. We either didn’t know or didn’t care. How much of that is still going on in other places in the world? Do I not want to know?

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