Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Random Thoughts

Tiger Woods. Pretty tough. Don’t know exactly what's going on in his life but it's not good is it? Sounds like pretty serious stuff in the Woods household. The media is having a field day. I’m sad to report that I even passed on a joke or three to others. Wish I hadn’t. It just shows how slippy slidey the sin slope really is and how much work God still has to do on my character.

Tiger lives in the public eye. It's not an easy place. Expectations are high and when you fall people aren't eager to pick you up. My prayer is that some good Godly men and women enter Tiger's life, love on him and his family, helping them to move into their true God given potential.

White House Gate Crashers. I wonder what head rolled on this one. The big concern is ‘security’ or lack of it. Duh? You gotta wonder what would compel someone to show up, though, at the White House without an engraved, embossed invitation? I would have just assumed that I wasn’t going to be able to schmooze my way in. Things that make you go hmmm.

What with this and the Tiger thing it’s an early Christmas for the gossip pros, isn’t it?

Chicago Bears. The story goes that practice was suspended because an unidentified white substance was found on the field. Upon investigation it was something called the ‘goal line’. Pundits were not surprised that the Bears were unable to identify something they’ve rarely seen.

The President and Afghanistan. I think it’s a bit risky to announce when you’re pulling out of a war and also depending on Pakistan to step to the plate. Something has got to happen to spur the people of Afghanistan to go to war against evil and do what’s necessary to sustain it. That’s a lesson we’re learning in this country. Evil is ugly. Trying to fix it demands a deep resolve. That’s not easy anymore in any culture that wants nothing more than a quick fix.

Mike and his ministry at Breakthrough. It’s been interesting. I’m discovering, especially, how little I really know about under resourced urban neighborhoods. One thing stands out. In my community (where I live) things get fixed fast. There’s lots of things that don’t get fixed fast or at all in poor neighborhoods. Lots of factors at work. Power, privilege, neighborhood leadership, neglect by elected officials, allocating resources to richer neighborhoods. Lots going on.

God’s doing a work inside of me. There’s a lot my mind doesn’t comprehend. I realized that I don’t yet have a heart connection with the people in the neighborhood or the folks in our shelter. I haven’t heard enough of their stories. I stopped on the way to my car today to talk with one of our homeless guests. It was a good move. We had a great conversation and pledged to talk more next week.

I'm glad God led me in this direction. God's going to use it to grow me up. And I think there's some things I can bring to the table that will be helpful.

Mike and his ministry at Christ Church. I love hanging with the folks in our singles ministry. A week ago we had a nice day long retreat. Good people. Amazing stories. There’s a desire to become more and more like Jesus. Several have helped me identify some of my weaknesses (but not all thankfully so I still have some credibility) and asked if they can be the Body of Christ to me by filling in the gaps with their gifts. Yahoo.

And I love being one of the architects of 2HC, our newest worship service. I love team teaching and being part of a congregation that wants more of what God wants.

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