Monday, September 07, 2009


The words scream off the screen. Words like socialist and indoctrination sear into our consciousness. Questions confront us .. "How dare he? What's he up to now?" And they demand our vigilance, our time and attention. Hearing the words and looking at the questions make me shudder. What awful thing is now happening in our land? Who is deliberately undermining the democratic process, placing land mines in the midst of our precious freedom, and plotting evil against all citizens of the republic?

The answer, of course, is the President of the United States who has the audacity to want to speak to school children. Who knows what will happen to the children of the land once they’re exposed to the words of a popularly elected leader ? My guess is that they will all start tilting to the left about half way through the speech, walk like puppet children to their next class and throughout the rest of their life, tear the word Republican from their texts, become Godless pagans, and refuse ever again to think on their own. Instead, they will wait anxiously for day by day, minute by minute instructions from the White House and in secret meetings plot to eliminate any shred of contrary opinion in the United States of America.

So we do need to oppose this TV event. We need to exert enough pressure on school boards so that they do the right thing and unplug TV’s and computers in classrooms. After all our children need to be protected from anybody or anything that might try to influence them to stay in school and work hard.

We need to go further, however. It’s not just the President who’s trying to influence kids. I’ve heard rumors that some moms and dads have an agenda for their children. Get this. Some moms and dads are telling there kids that ‘freedom’ is important. What do we do with that?

Churches are suspect. Get this, some churches speak about feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, advocating for the oppressed. Some even love and care about illegal immigrants. Let’s close ‘em down.

And just the other night I had to listen to a TV program where I listened to someone who actually believed in something I didn’t believe in. Why are they on the air?

It’s just gone too far don’t you think? All this freedom of speech, and democratic process, and respecting the rights of others, and elections. Whew!!! There’s got to be a better way.

So, let’s start right now. Spread the news in every nook and cranny of America. Shout it out in every village and hamlet suburb and city center. Let’s vow to not listen to someone who believes differently from us. Let’s work hard to smear them. Let’s plant seeds of doubt wherever we can. And certainly let’s not let anyone elected to office anywhere close to school children.

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