Sunday, September 13, 2009


Had a facebook friend echo her sentiments about the 'socialist society' some believe we're trying to create. Thought it was an interesting perspective.

She wants the protesters to know that she is...

"a proud supporter of big government. I love driving on public streets, using public libraries, flushing the toilet instead of using an outhouse, dropping my kids off at public school, knowing my parents and in-laws have socialistic health insurance--Medicare--to meet their medical needs, having my garbage removed by the city, taking trains, feeling pretty safe when I fly...And I especially appreciate our government workers in uniform--police, fire, military, beach lifeguards, TSA-who serve, protect, and risk their lives for my family and me everyday."

Sounds like she's had enough doesn't it? You can sense real frustration. Like so many others I've talked with she's trying to articulate the weariness that comes from having to listen over and over again to 'labels' being thrown around like frisbees but carrying the weight of a manhole cover. This is especially true if these labels are meant to wound, hurt and cause division.

And it's just not the conservatives throwing them around. Got an e-mail from the liberal camp recently that made me wince and stomp my feet in disgust. Same tone, divisive accusations, different labels. Ugly and unnecessary.

Yada Yada Yada. Off my soapbox.


Brenda Salter McNeil has written a book called A Credible Witness. It's reflections on power, evangelism and race using John 4 as the backdrop. Good stuff. Challenging. Forces you to think about your existing paradigms of faith an practice. For anyone interested in how we live out our life as a believer in a pluralistic culture ...well, I hope you're interested and if so, read this book.

Tony Campolo says that "this book will guide us on a journey to becoming a countercultural people who truly live out the values of the kingdom of God."


Donald Miller has a new book. It's called A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. I've chuckled more than a few times. Underlined more than a few lines. I don't know how to describe Donald Miller. Just love his writing style. Blue like Jazz and In Search of God Knows What were terrific reads.

Rob Bell says that "Don is into provocative territory here, wrestling with The Story and the role each of our stories play in it ...this is very convicting, powerful, unsettling writing. I felt like the book read me more than I read it."

Annie Lamott says that Miller is a "man after her own heart."


Our friend Buddy Greene has a new project. If you don't know Buddy ...well, he's an interesting guy. He's a songwriter and musician. He's best known for a song called "Mary Did You Know?" Mark Lowry wrote the words and Buddy wrote the music. Buddy is a singer, guitar player and is one of the best harmonica players on the planet. He's been doing a lot of touring with Bill Gaither during this past year. He's also widely known for singing at the Anita and Mike wedding. Well anyway Buddy has a new cd called A Few More Years. Listen closely and you'll hear some nice Vince Gill harmonies and some of that fabulous piano is another friend by the name of Jeff Taylor. Check it out at


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