Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Finding the Life God Intended

Today, I realized something about myself.  It’s not something I’m happy about.  I find that I’m settling for what is all too often and not fighting for what’s best.  I see crazy things all around me and I’m not stepping towards being part of the solution.  I’m holding back instead of coming out swinging.  I’m doing too much talking about making a difference instead of being a difference maker.

It’s easy to sit back and watch isn’t it?  Name the issue and we can persuade ourselves that it’s beyond our influence.  We really are narcissistic people for the most part aren’t we?  It’s all about us.

Why are we mad at Congress? I’m thinking that basically it’s because their inability to act keeps us from having what we want.  It has very little to do about the inspirational fiber and fabric of our life together I don’t think we want Congress to do what’s right if that means we might have to think and act differently. Do we?  We want every law, every movement to benefit us.  We don’t want them to be brave at our expense. We are the entitled ones.  And when we don’t get what we want when we want it we throw our own little hissy fits in the hopes that, once again, it will be enough to carry the day.

I wonder if we will ever live noble lives as long as we only think of ourselves.  At the heart of all that plagues us these days is good old fashioned selfishness.  It’s all about us. And that’s what we fight for.  Our wants, perceived needs, our mistaken goals, and culturally saturated interpretations of religions creeds, writings, and traditions. 

And we are people who play it safe.  We allow the talking heads on TV and radio (secular and religious) to think for us and then we parrot that particular party line to others who listen to and watch the same vacuous personalities who care not a whit about noble causes or goals.  And we never put skin in the game ourselves. Or not enough skin that makes it necessary to trust God.

I’m struck by how much the scriptures of the Christian faith are a ‘call to action’.  They call us to live on the edge of adventure and to use power and influence on behalf of those who have less.  And that means going to bat for millions who have no voice and who would be satisfied with 5% of most of our net worth.  But selfishness keeps us in safe places, tithing to ourselves, playing safe little religious games and critiquing anyone brave enough to dive into the deep end of the pool.

At the end of the year 2011 I’m surprised about how I’ve allowed the status quo to shape me even when I know better.  It’s amazing (in each and every setting I’m in) how much I’ve quieted my voice.  Have I forgotten how God long ago asked me to step up and out for the sake of the kingdom?

We’re facing 2012 in the face.  I’m asking God to point out to me what’s standing in the way of being the man He wants me to be.  Do I need more courage?  Is sin robbing me of effectiveness?  Bad habits?  Laziness?  Indifference?  Whatever it is I want to be cured of it. 

What about you?  Ask God what’s standing in the way of being the man/woman he wants you to be.  Listen.  Listen again.  Ask others to listen with you.  And when you hear the voice of God act on it.  He will ask you to shed some things and he will adjust some attitudes.  Then ask the good God for a vision of how he wants you to live your life.  Listen hard to this one.  For if you are entitled you will find your life being challenged.  Honest.  Guarantee it.  But jump into the vision for it’s there you will find your life. That’s my aim, by the way.  To recapture the life God intended for me.

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