Thursday, September 15, 2011

Known For

What are you known for? Aside from your shiny personality, dazzling smile and smart wardrobe what are you all about? What defines you?

I've been thinking about that lately as I've been attempting to write a personal mission statement for this stage of my life. I've been asking myself ..."what do I want to be known for?" I wanted to do it in 20 words or less. Here's what's energizing me.

Known for being:

Present to God
Available to others
Rooted in community
Curious about issues
Effective in Response

And if this is what I'm going to be known for then how do I order my life in order to make this happen? What are the habits, practices, and disciplines that support my sense of mission? And am I willing to have my calendar and bank account reflect my commitments?

I've got a ways to go in each of these areas. I know a lot about God but do I actually know Him? Who are those others I need to be available to? Who do I need to be doing life with and where? Am I willing to remain socially responsible and intellectually curious? Am I walking my talk?

What do you want to be known for? In twenty words or less can you zero in on what you want your life to stand for?

I think it was Socrates who said that the unexamined life is not worth living. That's true. Knowing who or what really gets our attention and focus can help drive us to the next best thing God has for us. Too many just kind of drift along in life. Intentionality is lacking.

Try it. Grab an hour. Take out pen and paper or your tablet and in twenty words or less state definitely what you want to be known for by those both near and dear and others you encounter on the journey. And then take some time asking what needs to change in your life so you can make that happen.

By the way, this is both life-giving and flat out scary. I've got a list of questions and concerns in my journal about each of my 'known for' that excites me about where I'm heading in one moment and makes me want to hide in a closet the next. Kind of thinking I'm right on the edge of adventure. Not a bad place to be.


auxway said...

Hi Mike,

I love this. Thank you for mentioning the importance of asking "What are you known for?" This is something I need to really think about and consider.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike
I really enjoy reading your blog. Would this also include your "purpose in life"? Or are they one in the same?


Mike said...

Hey Jason. I think this is part of discovering a purpose for living. Known for something we can carry into whatever specific or generic purpose we discover for our life. For instance, I'm called into full time ministry but what I laid out works for me even if God calls me to something vocationally different. These are principles that are the foundational underpinnings for any undertaking. Was this helpful?


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
I think Im picking up what your laying down. The foundation is something I can go back to no matter what I am taking on. Whether its job, volunteer work, or friendships.