Friday, July 08, 2011


My friend Kevin and his wife Helen are kingdom builders.  They live in New Zealand but for several months a year they traipse the globe resourcing people, churches, and ministries in very challenging locales.  They work for Bright Hope World. They believe that God has gifted poor people with enormous gifts and talents. That giftedness just needs to be nurtured appropriately. But they also see injustice after injustice after injustice after injustice.  Their latest blog post is worth a read.

Injustice.   It's when people are treated unfairly. Sometimes once. Sometimes it's often. It's especially harsh when someone in a power position decides to get his/her way at any cost and by any means.  We all have experienced injustice in some ways.  Who hasn't complained about a lack of fairness somewhere along the line?  But what if you never played on anything that remotely looks like a level playing field?  What would that be like?  What would you be thinking? Feeling?  

In all honesty most injustices I've encountered have been speed bumps and not barriers although I know that's not true for all of you who read my stuff. When I read Kevin and Helen's blog this morning I identified with their anger.  I've met some of the people they write about.  It ticked me off too.  I saw Jesus in and through their indignation.

My stepson John is working at Breakthrough this summer. He's met some of the same people Kevin and Helen write about.  And now he's starting to see bits and pieces of injustice in East Garfield Park. He wonders about and prays for the safety of the kids he's working with.  He s asking the right questions about issues that are only a few miles from our doorstep. So should we all.  But do we?

Let's be honest.  We're addicted to comfort and the avoidance of pain and inconvenience.  What's good for 'me' is a central plot line in most lives. That is, unless you take the scriptures seriously.  And when you do you see the message about 'us' written on every page and what looks like a clarion call to mobilize and be attentive to the needs of the poor and marginalized.  It's almost impossible to read Scripture and miss God's daring concern for those who have the least. And what do we do with all of that?  What do I do with that?

Every day I drive into the city these thoughts run through my head. 

      1.  Big problems.
      2.  Big God.
      3.  Big God cares deeply about the Big Problems.
      4.  Big God wants me to care about what's on His mind.

And when I interact with the people who have experienced true injustice (both personal and systemic) I'm often deeply humbled. I realize that even though I care I still have an awful lot to learn. That's a good place to be isn't it?  To remain in the posture of the 'learner' is far better than walking around thinking you're 'learned'.

So what's the bottom line today? Kevin and Helen's blog got to me. Obviously, huh?  Make sure you read it.  Click on the link or paste the URL into your browser.    Their frustration with injustice is stirring something in me that's good.  Could it be that once you really begin to care deeply about the things God cares about that everything begins to change? Do what you need to do Lord.  Do what you need to do.

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