Friday, May 20, 2011

Brain Blurts for May

I want to get this out before the rapture on Saturday.  My first understanding was that the world would end tomorrow but now the latest from California is telling us that only the rapture will happen?  Whew. So, I’m breathing easy and starting to casually pack my bags for the next leg of the journey. By the way, what does one wear for the rapture?

Been watching the political climate change this month.  Amazing what the killing of bin Laden did for the President’s public approval ratings. That whole thing was pretty sobering. I’m glad a true villain will never kill again. I didn’t understand the ‘dancing in the streets’ that was going on.

Was disappointed that Trump decided to leave the race he never entered but that he stayed around long enough to help us find the elusive long form presidential birth certificate.  That was probably the most important issue facing us as a society.  Glad it’s resolved.  Why do I think the birthers and the end of the worlders were separated at birth?

Turned into East Garfield Park a few days ago and saw street sweepers everywhere. Litter was gone, drug dealers were off the corners.  There’s wasn’t a gang banger to be seen. The park was being mowed.  A miracle.  Nope.  Just the mayor of Chicago coming for a visit.  Things that make you go hmmmmm.

Saw da Mayor Daley that day.  I was actually moved by being in his presence. Whether you liked his tactics or motivation he was a force to be reckoned with.  He was and still is an interesting profile of leadership.

I just heard the Oprah show is going off the air. I'm kind of surprised nobody made a big deal of it. :)  

Arnold, Arnold, Arnold ....dude, what were you thinking?

I’m becoming more and more convinced that people are bored to tears with what we’re proclaiming from pulpits and airwaves. I sat and listened to some religious heavyweights this month. Good speakers all but as I scanned the audience I realized that people really weren’t paying attention. Why? They weren't hearing anything that they weren't already committed to.  Instead, they were being cajoled to just believe 'harder'. People nodded in assent but I wasn’t convinced anyone was buying it. Where is the winsome proclamation of faith these days? I tell ‘ya. We’ve got to figure it out because people have the church figured out and they ain’t buying what we’re selling.

Scotty or Lauren? I'm thinking Scotty.

I want to urge you to go to your local PBS station and watch the two hour Freedom Riders show. The Freedom Riders, were young men and women (black and white) who road Greyhound and Trailways buses into the segregated south. The intent was to use this non-violent act to help break the back of separation based on color in the early 60's. Many were beaten and jailed for the cause. What bravery. How many of us would step up to challenge injustice like they did?  My hope is many of us will because the deep needs of this world aren’t going to be met by us playing on Facebook and getting fatter and sassier.  What drives you crazy when you think about it?  Could God use your discontent to be the solution to the problem?

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