Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Things I Learned Today

On the radio I learned that only conservatives can be Christian and POTUS was pretty close to being the anti-Christ. Almost turned the station off but the anger was so entertaining I just couldn't.  Sometimes Christian radio embarrasses me because of its inattentiveness to the meaning of Jesus's life. 

Discovered that Jay Cutler is a sissy. I learned that from Edgar from Ravenswood, a 53 year old bachelor who lives with mom and plays real football (the fantasy kind) with four other men who live with their mothers and spend their days calling sport radio stations.

Also learned that Lovie Smith shouldn't be rehired as the coach of the Chicago Bears because he doesn't show emotion like 'da Coach Ditka did.  Thanks to Ted from Alsip for that life changing moment.

Also learned that you shouldn't ever move to Washington to serve your country if you want to be mayor of Chicago.  

 I also learned at a little workshop that I'm not in the 'millennial' generation :) but have many friends who are and it is an interesting group of people. 

Also got an inkling that all that sitting together last night at the State of the Union was more for show than substance (that surprised me). Not really. 

And I grew in my appreciation for both the Breakthrough and Christ Church staff.  Fun to serve with people who are interesting and not afraid of talking about ideas.

And I wondered what would really happen if all legislation with earmarks got vetoed.  That would test the resolve of many.

And my day isn't even over yet.

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