Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Short entry today. There’s nothing funny or provocative in what I’m writing. All I want to do is use my influence to encourage you to do something within your power to do.

The southern part of Haiti was hit by a powerful earthquake today. Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere. The government is weak. Corruption is high. The infrastructure needed for recovery is sorely lacking. So, when a natural disaster hits …well, it’s devastating.

I want to urge you to do three things.

1. Pray
2. Give
3. Consider being part of a relief team.

I’ve never been to Haiti. I know a lot of Haitians however. I raised my family in Evanston, Illinois. There’s lots of Haitian people there. My kids went to school with a lot of kids who were from Haiti or at least their parents were. The parents of those kids were and still are my friends. My son’s high school soccer coach played for the Haitian national team. So, I have a heart connection to a country I’ve never visited.

Pray for recovery. Pray for the people.

Give what you can. Let me recommend Bright Hope International, World Vision, Compassion, World Relief, World Concern, the International Red Cross and Samaritan’s Purse. Good people. Good ministry. Your money will be spent wisely. We’ve already sent a check this evening.

A portion of the country is going to have to be rebuilt. Talk to your church about organizing a team to go to Haiti. The impact will be huge.

Everyone reading this can pray. 99% of you can send a check. Whatever you’re thinking double it. Some of you can take time away from your responsibilities to be part of a relief team. Maybe you can organize one. Do it.

I've never had to live through a devastating natural disaster. Under any circumstance it would have to be very painful. I can’t imagine going through one in an under resourced country. Our response can bring people hope.

I’ve already read some looney on-line comments from brain dead people who obviously won’t pray, won’t give, and won’t volunteer. They won’t be part of the solution. We can be.

Go for it. Google one of the organizations I recommended. Many of you probably have your own 'go to' relief organization you already give to. Each organization should have a way, on their website, for you to give to Haiti Disaster Relief. Do it. Before you go to bed or go to work in the morning pray for the people of Haiti. Then ask God whether or not He wants you to go on a relief team.


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