Friday, October 23, 2009

Simple Compassion

After I read Keri Wyatt Kent's recent book I wrote to her saying

"Keri, this book really packs a punch. I can think of a whole lot of folks who'd throw it against the wall wondering why they picked up a book written by a 'feminist, egalitarian, social justice oriented, probably a democrat, Willow Creeker?"

The truth is that description might actually scare some folks away. Maybe some of you reading it. That would be too bad. You see, Keri is also someone I'd call 'thoughtfully orthodox'. All the way through these devotions you'll see a woman trying her best to be more and more like Christ in today's world. She's biblically solid and wants to find out what an informed faith does with issues like fair trade, caring for the least of these, standard of living, diversity, etc. She pokes and prods, lays out her own issues and will challenge you to think about yours.

Bottom line. I think if folks really go through this book devotionally, prayerfully and then read it again with others, allowing the Holy Spirit to work in their hearts What could happen? Lives would change. Hearts would soften. Eyes opened. New habits would need to be cultivated. Keri raises important issues for us as Christians. Although this book is geared towards women I found it hitting home for me in a variety of ways. Keri pretty masterfully raises issues that are vital to our understanding of how to live as Christ followers in today's world. She helps put compassion into a biblical framework that goes beyond just 'do something'.

Keri also understands the world of the suburban working mom. She doesn't pretend to have it all together. She's trying to figure out how to weave compassion in and through a life that's pretty full. But to Keri compassion isn't just an add on, another thing to do. She's trying to make compassion central to our understanding of the the 'good news' we all desire to live into and proclaim.

So, for what it's worth ...I think this is a 'dangerous' book. Read it. Talk about it. Apply it.


Keri Wyatt Kent said...

Hey Mike,
thanks for the review!! Dangerous, huh? I hope so--I think a lot of Christians can't figure out why they're bored with their faith. I'm hoping they'll want to join me on the adventure of living compassionately!

Mike said...
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Mike said...

Dangerous is my highest compliment. Hope the labels I slapped on you don't come back to haunt you. I'm finding that words like democrat and republican, social justice and egalitarian are red flags for many. It's an immediate rush to judgment.

It's a good book, Keri. You explored important topics. This goes well beyond the usual devotional. Hope it sells really well and get passed around a lot.


Great review. Keri's books have challenged me in the past, so I can't wait to pick this one up and read it with a friend.