Saturday, July 11, 2009

Beautiful Day

What a beautiful day.

A bike ride, Cubs win, dinner outside with Anita, some interesting meetings with good people and another beautiful day promised for tomorrow.

We traveled just a few miles to eat. People, people everywhere. There were bike riders, moms and dads with their kids, an old car festival, young lovers. parks filled, softball games, Dairy Queen lines and lots of smiles.

Days like this are so good. So needed. Is this what heaven will be like?

I sometimes live at a frantic pace. Even today, I had a small group, then a meeting and even a wedding. But it felt more manageable. Do you think good weather helps put things into perspective or does the promise of good weather help us to manage our time better?

Tomorrow promises to be good. We're heading out after church to the Chicago lakefront. We'll ride bikes, enjoy the skyline and delight in some people watching.

Monday, the race begins again. I have a day filled with decisions, meetings, and obligations. It's OK. That's part of life.

Maybe weekends like this remind us of the need for Sabbath. I'm reminded of a book written by Mark Buchanan called 'The Rest of God'. Clever title and a good read. He reminds us that our yearning for the rest of God requires us to actually rest. It's part of the rhythm of a maturing believer. Go, go, go is not the mark of maturity. It's a sign of a life out of whack.

So, three cheers for Sabbath reminders, for nice weather that helps us slow down, for the hope of maturity, and for the longing for something more.

'Twas a good day.

Oh yah, the Cubs beating the Cardinals was frosting on the cake.

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