Monday, June 08, 2009

Pete Seeger Inspired

The other night we watched a dvd, a look at the life of Pete Seeger. Whether he is a believer or not, I’m not sure. But the story of his life sparked something in my own faith. Seeger is a song writer. He’s old now. His songs were sung by the labor movement, around campfires, during civil rights marches and in protest against the war in Viet Nam. He used the power of interactive music to draw people to peace issues, to care about the environment, and to free the prisoners. He was and is ‘very interesting’. He’s not bored. He’s not boring.

We live in a world where far too many are both bored and boring. You can see it in their eyes. They’re busy but not fulfilled. We’re created with longings for something more than busyness. Patterns of boredom weigh heavy, creeping inward, separating us from those deeper things. Boredom is rarely intentional but it does become habitual. The pursuit of longings must become intentional before it lingers as a habit.

Boredom declares that life is no longer interesting. By default it declares our own lives lack the capacity to spark either our own imagination or the wonder of others.

We are in great need of men and women who will be used by God to make life interesting again and to awaken in us a desire to be interested in all those people and things placed in our path. That’s what is required of all who claim to be 'kingdom people'.

Interesting people are involved and engaged. Involvement and engagement leads to a discovery of meaning. Meaning opens us to the possibility of being surprised by purpose. Purpose travels the road of adventure which we know to be a narrow path populated by only a few. But a few are enough company for the journey. Waiting for the multitudes and a wider road is not what the Gospel demands. The ‘company of the few’ walk together toward the hope and promises of Jesus. The journey becomes the destination. The Kingdom promised is experienced. And boredom becomes a far off memory.

So it begins. One here. One there. Waking up, each admits the truth about tedious existence. Longing for more, one listens. God calls. He asks us to become both interested and interesting. Our personal world changes. And when we move from passivity and predictability into the world of purpose and Kingdom alignment the greater world around us is changed. That movement towards purpose is never boring nor does it create boredom.

So, why do so few desire it? It requires change and sacrifice. Anyone answering the call away from boredom and towards purpose pays a price. Seeger was blacklisted. Others have been killed. Some move from mansions into ‘ticky-tacky’ little houses. Many are inconvenienced. More than a few look foolish. Fear is confronted. Dreams become altered. Friendships are lost.

And so, boredom becomes OK. No blacklists. No worry about inconvenience. No countercultural discomfort. No silly dreams. No life altering decisions. The status quo remains.

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