Sunday, March 15, 2009

10% More

Do you ever glide through life? I do. Hate to admit it. But I do. Sometimes I don't give my all. I don't like that I do it. I cheat myself and I cheat others. My potential goes unrealized.

I know people who can live at 90% of their potential because their 90% is more productive than most people's 100%. They're gifted. God has blessed them. And they show that appreciation by underutilizing their gifts and talents. Doesn't make sense does it? Are you one of these people?

God's been talking to me about living in and through the other 10% of my potential. I want to but I'm a little afraid. I'm used to living 'smaller' than I should. It's my rut. Breaking out of a rut can be difficult. And if I start living 'larger' that means everything changes ...everything. Every relationship is impacted, every program I'm involved with changes, and every dream becomes more possible. My world is impacted in big ways.

In all honesty, I think it's a spiritual battle. I happen to believe that any one who follows Christ has an enemy. That enemy wants us to glide, to go small, to not believe in the giftedness God has given us. When we live into our potential we become a threat. Any attempt to be God's man or woman will be met with opposition. I think I'm at a stage of life where I'm saying, "Bring it on". I say it because I believe God is telling me to say it.

Every once in awhile I sense God's presence in pretty profound ways. I get messages ...from books, from Scripture, from godly people. Recently, it's been messages about stepping up, being available, rallying people to action, and organizing for effectiveness. The challenge is to become the leader God intends me to be.These are messages to someone who needs to hear 'to whom much is given much is required'. It's sobering, exciting, challenging and humbling. And it makes me feel quite alive.

We live in a day and age that is going to require good people to step up, to go beyond their comfort zone and live into their God-given potential. You might be one of those people. What you've been doing might not be enough for the challenges before us. You might be asked to live into the remaining 10% or 20% or 50% that God has given you. Scratch that. You will be asked, not might be asked. You see, God doesn't want us to squander our giftedness.

So for me, 10% more. What about you?

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